Taxonomy of cryptic species in the Cyornis rubeculoides complex in the Indian Subcontinent
Ashutosh Singh, Sandeep K. Gupta, Per Alström, Dhananjai Mohan, Daniel M. Hooper, Ramani S. Kumar,
Dinesh Bhatt, Pratap Singh, and Trevor D. Price
IBIS, Accepted
DOI: 10.1111/ibi.12735

Phylogenetic and spatial history of the avian 'supertramp' family Turdidae
Per Alström,  Daniel M. Hooper, Urban Olsson, Fumin Lei, Trevor D. Price, and Isabel Sanmartin
In Revision


Sex chromosome inversions enforce reproductive isolation across an avian hybrid zone
Daniel M. Hooper
, Simon C. Griffith, and Trevor D. Price
Molecular Ecology, 28: 1246-1262
Special Issue: The role of genomic structural variants in adaptation and diversification
DOI: 10.1111/mec.14874


Chromosomal inversion differences correlate with range overlap in passerine birds
Daniel M. Hooper and Trevor D. Price
Nature Ecology and Evolution, 1: 1526-1534

Two new genera of songbirds represent endemic radiations from the Shola Sky Islands of the Western Ghats, India
V. V. Robin, C. K. Vishnudas, Pooja Gupta, Frank E. Rheindt, Daniel M. Hooper, Uma Ramakrishnan, and Sushma Reddy
BMC Evolutionary Biology, 17: 31

Geographical variation in bill colour in the Long-tailed Finch: Evidence for a narrow zone of admixture between sub-species
Simon C. Griffith and Daniel M. Hooper
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The Rusty-tailed Flycatcher (Muscicapa ruficauda; Aves: Muscicapidae) is a member of the genus Ficedula
Daniel M. Hooper, Urban Olsson, and Per Alström
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The potential role of parapatric and alloparapatric divergence in Junco speciation
Trevor D. Price and Daniel M. Hooper
Snowbird: Integrative Biology and Evolutionary Diversity in the Junco (Ellen D. Ketterson and Jonathan W. Atwell, eds.). University of Chicago Press.

Genomic approaches to understanding population divergence and speciation in birds
David P.L. Toews, Leonardo Campagna, Scott A. Taylor, Christopher N. Balakrishnan, Daniel T. Baldassarre, Petra E. Deane-Coe, Michael G. Harvey, Daniel M. Hooper, Darren E. Irwin, Caroline D. Judy, Nicholas A. Mason, John E. McCormack, Kevin G. McCracken, Carl H. Oliveros, Rebecca J. Safran, Elizabeth S. Scordato, Katherine F. Stryjewski, Anna Tigano, J. Albert Uy, and Benjamin M. Winger
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Stable recombination hotspots in birds
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Rates of karyotypic evolution in Estrildid finches differ between island and continental clades
Daniel M. Hooper and Trevor D. Price
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Niche filling slows the diversification of Himalayan songbirds
Trevor D. Price, Daniel M. Hooper, Caitlyn D. Buchanan, Ulf S. Johansson, D. Thomas Tietze, Per Alström, Urban Olsson, Mousumi Ghosh-Harihar, Farah Ishtiaq, Sandeep K. Gupta, Jochen Martens, Bettina Harr, Pratap Singh, Dhananjai Mohan
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Discovery of a relict lineage and monotypic family of passerine birds
Per Alström, Daniel M. Hooper, Yang Liu, Urban Olsson, Dhananjai Mohan, Magnus Gelang, Hung Le Manh, Jian Zhao, Fumin Lei, Trevor D. Price
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Ecological limits on diversification of the Himalayan core Corvoidea
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Determinants of northerly range limits along the Himalayan bird diversity gradient
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